Wicked Good Philosophy

Wicked Good quality

What does it take to make truly scrumptious cookies? Cookies that mere mortals are powerless to resist? Cookies that put a smile on your face and make you feel like a kid again?

100% Natural Ingredients

At Wicked Good Cookies, it all starts with our homemade touch. Only good stuff goes into our cookies, like fresh local farm eggs, fresh butter, 100% pure vanilla, premium chocolate chips and other top-of-the-line ingredients and morsels.
No additives, no hydrogenated oils and no trans fats allowed!

Detailed Printing

We then follow proven methodologies to perfect every cookie that leaves our kitchen. That means using ultra-precise printing techniques and paying attention to every last detail imaginable.

Handmade Cookies

Finally, we lovingly hand-cut, hand-frost and hand-package our little friends before releasing them into the world. The end result? An out-of-this-world cookie, every time.


Photo cookies

These are what we're famous for. You supply the photo (or corporate logo, illustration or even just an idea), and we print it on a cookie. Take your pick of shape and size, or give us your custom dimensions. With Wicked, the possibilities are endless. No one can match our photo cookies for image quality or all-around yumminess.

Cookies for Consumers

Birthdays. Showers. Holidays. Open houses. Weddings. Graduations. Every festive occasion becomes a little more festive with Wicked Good Cookies. They're also a pretty sweet option when you're sending a thoughtful gift — choose from tastefully arranged baskets, boxes or platters. Just want to order a batch for yourself? Don't worry; we won't tell a soul.

Cookies for Corporate

Sales meetings. Thank-you's. Trade shows. New product launches. Congratulations. Marketing campaigns. Whatever the occasion, Wicked has the perfect cookie solution for small businesses and corporations alike. Please contact us to speak with one of our friendly corporate consultants — we'll be happy to find out exactly what you have in mind.

Gourmet Cookies

Our tasty gourmet cookies come in gift baskets, gift boxes or platters. Choose from chocolate chip, world-famous peanut butter puddles, luscious lemon d'light and more. We even let you mix and match different flavors in your order. Feeling adventurous (and really hungry)? Check out our giant cookie pies.